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Brenda Berndt
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 3 update!


This week has really gone by fast!  First Detox period is over.  Aubrey and I both received our body wrap this week as well.   I'll kind of walk you through what that is like.  

First - body is exfoliated with "buff"  this is a physical and enzyme exfoliant.  Tiny ground pumice and papaya work together to loosen dead skin cells and prepare the body to absorb the niacin cream.  Next the  niacin cream is applied, followed by the wrap.  The wrap is a saran type wrap that is wrapped in a specific way to contour the body and stimulate the lymphatic system.  It is left on a total of 1 hour.  We were warm and comfortable, but not hot while in the wrap.  The idea is for the niacin to be absorbed into the body, not sweated out!  It is important to drink lots of water after the wrap to eliminate toxins.  When the wrap was removed, I felt so great, really calm and rested.  Aubrey did receive her massage, but my schedule did not allow me to this week.  I have it to look forward to next week!  We will continue to apply the body exfoliant and maintain (home care of niacin) to maximize the results of the wrap.  

Thanksgiving!!!  It was wonderful to have many of my family in from Michigan this week/weekend!  My brothers in law and Russ had their own little "deer camp" and our home was camp!  My Mom, three Sisters, my daughters and cousins all had a wonderful time cooking and visiting!  We had our "feast"  Saturday.  We literally cooked from sunrise until about 4:00pm that day!  EVERYTHING from scratch, down to the roasting of a pumpkin from our garden for the pie!  I didn't get to eat that, but the word was that it was the best pie ever!!!   We had all the traditional food, but I had spent time earlier gathering and experimenting with recipes so that those of us (three) who are doing the candida/weight loss diet could have a great meal as well....and it WAS!  

The top picture is one of the tables.  My Sister, Michelle and niece, Martina spent hours making the cute turkey's with each family members names (we had 19 there!)  

The middle picture is my plate...I could have arranged it a bit better, but believe me, it was yummy!

Our "special menu"  was Roast Turkey, mashed cauliflower, quinoa stuffing seasoned with celery, turkey broth, onion and sage,  fresh cranberry relish with walnuts/pecans, slightly sweetened with stevia, lettuce salad with olive oil, lemon juice dressing, green beans and coconut balls (our dessert)  

I think it was the first Thanksgiving dinner that I can remember where I didn't feel like I was in a sick, food coma after...that was really a good feeling!   

I did find that I needed to send home the coconut cream pie, Mom's real stuffing, homemade pumpkin pie, Apple pie, and cheesecakes home with the kids!!!  They were happy to get it and I didn't want it in the house!!!!

Everyone commented how great we both looked! OH, and I went down a pant size!!!!   

We all sat around the fireplace in the living room and told what we were thankful for this year.  Our Faith in God, Family, Friends topped the list.  I am also truly thankful to be regaining my health!!!

Aubrey has been breaking out on her skin.....this is likely the result of a rapid die off of the candida.  
When yeast cells are rapidly killed, a die-off (or Herxheimer reaction) occurs and metabolic by-products are released into the body.   This can cause certain symptoms that will resolve themselves usually in a week or two.   

Aubrey is also getting creative in the kitchen.  She concocted a delicious shake of coconut milk, almond butter and cinnamon!!!  We will be enjoying this all week!!!

Have a wonderful week with YOUR family and friends!!!


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