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Brenda Berndt
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Update week 4!

Welcome Back!

Well we survived the Thanksgiving holidays....yes, two weekends of tempting foods in a row for us!   We visited my husbands parents in Kentucky and it took a little prep....What is it about going on a trip???  Like emotional eating,  we seem to have our favorite food and Starbucks drinks on speed-dial when we enter the vehicle and head down the road!  I packed some nuts, brown rice cakes and almond butter and that got me there six hours later pretty happy.  

I had not planned to weigh in until the end of the 45 days, but my Mother-in-Law had a scale in the bathroom and I couldn't resist....  12 lbs down!!!  Aubrey texted me later and said that was exactly what she had lost too.  I had packed all my herbal supplements for each day but forgot to pack the slender-aid.  Slender-aid I found out has been a BIG help in the program.  It is a blend of 11 herbs that substantially decrease the appetite.  In addition this particular blend works together to assist the breakdown of fat around the heart and other vital organs.  I really could tell a difference.  I did crave sugar and carbs more.  

My closet is a mix of "now" clothes and "then" clothes.  I had the happy occasion of retiring my only pair of "now" jeans :)  Off to the store I went to purchase a couple of pairs of pants in my new size!!  That was a great feeling!  I'm sure my "then clothes" are pretty outdated by now and will be making a trip to the Salvation Army at some point. (I'm kind of a horder with clothes)  

December 20th is the finish line..It is getting closer.  We have one more 3 day detox period at the end of next week.  Energy levels are still good, waning a bit from all the holiday activities, but all-in-all feeling super good.  This week I plan to get out the pilates video and get to work on that.  Toning and core strength and flexibility are all needed!  My brother's in law put together my far-infa red sauna that had been sitting in the corner of the basement!   I'm excited to incorporate that.  It is a great way to further the detox and is relaxing as well.  I am super excited as I have purchased an infa-red sauna blanket for the spa as well.  It will be a great addition to a body wrap and especially for those going through the Mlis weight-loss program.  

I just scheduled a massage for this Friday too.  Yeah!  It is going to be 90 minutes too.  I have never had a massage that length...HEAVEN!

I've been researching how to bake with healthier grains...oat flour, brown rice, etc. More about that later.  I forgot to mention that my hair and nails are growing like crazy.  I'm sure that is the work of the supplements too.  I will need to be seeing my stylist Sally who has a shop in my office suit!  She is awesome...expecting her first baby too.  How fun to experience that.

Have a wonderful week!


(photo's of our trip
to Kentucky)

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