Brenda Berndt

Brenda Berndt
esthetician and owner of glo facial spa & skin center

Friday, December 16, 2011

"All Wrapped up"

The holiday season is here!  Most of us happily over indulge and are left feeling a little toxic and ready to once again reclaim our health come January.  Body wraps are always a popular service this time of year.

You may have seen images of shivering, "mummified" women draped in plastic, stiffly walking on a treadmill trying to quickly loose a few inches. This can be one way to loose some water weight, but certainly not my idea of relaxation.  In fact for some, vigorous exercise while in a compression wrap can be dangerous.  I recall one episode of "Frasier" where Niles is similarly wrapped up and lounges on a chair after having gained entry into the prestigious gold member section of an exclusive Seattle spa....don't think he needs the inch loss.  Come with me and I'll take you on a journey that not only benefits your skin, but also your entire being.  At glo facial spa, the focus is on detoxification, hydration and relaxation.

Your body wrap treatment begins with a consultation.  This is important as each wrap is customized to your specific needs.  You may be concerned with an area of cellulite. You may have be experiencing eczema or breakouts which are common on the back area.  Type of exfoliation, body masques and wrapping techniques are each determined to give you the best results possible for your skin conditions.

Your wrap has been designed and your experience begins.  You begin fully draped on our super soft heated massage bed.  Your skin will be exfoliated with a body brush, sugar/salt scrub, or enzyme, depending on your skin type.  You may elect to include a far infared sauna session to begin the detoxification process and open up your pores.  Nature sounds wash away your cares as you begin to relax.  You will return to the heated massage table and your purifying body masque will be applied along with cellulite fighting ingredients.  Kaolin clay draws out impurities, while sea algae hydrates and infuses minerals into your skin.  You are then cocooned and wrapped in special layers that will further the detox process and hold in your body heat.  You will deeply destress as you experience a swedish and accupressure facial massage. Your scalp massage will be blissfully relaxing and stimulate hair growth using accupressure and indian head massage techniques.    Finally, a cool antioxidant eye compress is applied to reduce swelling and fluid retention in the eye area.   Your wrap will be removed with warm herbal infused towels and your skin will feel buttery soft after being massaged with a customized organic moisturizer.  You may loose a few inches, but remember it is usually water weight and no substitute for eating healthy and exercise.  It is nice for a special occasion though.  Remember the real goal is to detoxify, hydrate and relax.

Use a body wrap or series to jump start your new years resolution to get healthy!  We're usually so much more successful if we reward ourselves along the way.  You will love how you look and most of all how you feel!  I'm doing this myself, feeling wonderful and looking forward to a few days in Mexico with my daughters in January.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, God's blessings and skin health in the new year!

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