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Brenda Berndt
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Mlis Candida/Weight-loss/detox program Week 2!


This has been a good week!  Energy level has been pretty high.  The beginning of the week, we noticed that our first 3 day detox in the program would fall over our Thanksgiving, which we are celebrating the 21st.  That would not do!!! We made a minor adjustment and decided to do the detox a bit early.  The detox looks like this:  

 Eat only veggies for two days to prep for detox.  During this time we began taking the DETOX herbal capsules, CLEANSE and FIBER.  On the first day of the detox, we used our Mlis bottle (32 oz) and filled it with juice of three lemons (Several years ago I purchased an electric juicer :)...this is awesome!  Add to the lemons pure maple syrup and distilled water.  The bottle is conveniently marked with fill lines.  This was our "food for 3 days"  Truth is we felt so good that we went an extra day.  The mixture provided all the vitamins/nutrients and glucose that our bodies needed and amazingly we felt great.  I think it tastes like a lemon shake up from the fair...Aubrey is not so sure.   We also continued the Detox herbal capsules during this time.  It was a nice break from all the other supplements!!!!!  Distilled water works as a magnet, attracting unused, discarded and rejected minerals from our bodies, the blood and lymph help and they are eliminated.  The detox period is the only time distilled water is used.  Filtered water is used all other times.  

Our body wrap and massage is tomorrow!!! I have been looking forward to this...kind of a reward.   I'll tell you more about that in the next post :)

Early in the week, before we started detox, I took the time (rather tedious) to empty my supplements into a glass and "drink" instead of swallowing.  I would NOT recommend this...didn't taste too well at all!   

Noticable results???   My belly is shrinking YEAH!!!!  Face looks not quite so round, Aubrey's too...clothes are feeling looser.  I am not a scale person and do not plan to weigh in until the end.  I did weigh before we started.  

Cravings?   I did crave dessert of any kind this week!!! Aubrey misses coffee the most.  Oh and we discovered that Costco has a wonderful tabouli which we ate early in the week in salad....SUPER YUMMY!!!!!!!

I am cooking for 20 plus for our Thanksgiving.  My Sister and Brother in law just returned from seeing a specialist in Colorado for auto immune disorders.  He specializes in this, even has worked for NASA.  He has put them on an anti-inflammatory diet that is very similar to the Mlis program.  It will make cooking even more fun if others will be eating our special "menu"  ...I'll let you know what we had next post...I can't wait!!!

Have a great day/evening and always and many, many blessings to you!

Brenda @ glo facial spa & skin center


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