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Brenda Berndt
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mlis - Week one update!

Week one is finished! 

 Looking back over my journal entries for the week:  Day 1-3  felt really good.  No real hunger cravings.  (It helped that I had eliminated sugar/carbs/caffine the few days before starting.  Both Aubrey and I did notice that we "peed" a LOT!  Drinking lots of water and hot water with lemon  throughout the day and in the AM/PM to swallow the nutrient supplements, which I will say has been the most difficult thing to get used to.  I kept thinking about all those who because of health problems, have to take lots of med's daily...The supplements are only temporary, during  the program. .I would rather work on staying healthy now and AVOID being a pill popper later on!  Diet day 1 and 2 consisted of mostly salads and the meal replacement (chocolate is delicious!!!!)  I found this to be really convenient at work and sometimes for breakfast when in a hurry.  I got a little creative on day 3 when craving "real food"  I made a concoction of chicken, garlic, roma tomatoes, shredded carrots and onions on the top of the stove for dinner.  It was really great!

Day 4-7  Day four I was feeling a bit tired, but noticed as I climbed the stairs my joint (knee) didn't ache as it usually does!!!  Yeah  I had some extra time today so google found me a great recipe to make (I even served it to my lovely daughter Amanda and her boyfriend Phil who were here visiting from Rockford)  Quinoa meatloaf and mashed cauliflower.  I used turkey for us and did make one with beef as my hubby is NOT a ground turkey fan.   I took a detox bath during this time and continued to use the buff, body exfoliant and maintain detoxifying cream.  I love the smell of the maintain!!!!   It really makes sense to me to keep your body well exfoliated well.  Our skin is the largest elimination organ of our body!!!

We had a family birthday party for my son Alec at Alexander's steakhouse.  I had a bit of Salmon and salad bar.  Olive oil with a sqeeze of lemon is our new salad dressing...Really simple and good!  It felt great to leave there not groggy with overeating...pretty sure that's a first for me there!!!  I even made our homemade traditional birthday cake (jello cake)  I really did want to eat that, but it felt good to make it for my family.  Sophie's birthday is in December and I will have some then :)  

I also took several walks outside in the sunshine this week!  I have a new treadmill waiting for me in our basement that I got our family for and early Christmas gift.  There won't be too many beautiful fall days like this and I wanted to soak in that vitamin D and take in the beauty of the fall color and hay bales in the fields surrounding our home.  Life is Good, God is Great!

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