Brenda Berndt

Brenda Berndt
esthetician and owner of glo facial spa & skin center

Friday, August 8, 2014

Natural, Preservative Free Facial Soaps, Oils and Shampoo's

Hello Everyone!

I have not posted lately...and for good reason - I have been spending much time researching skin care that is dear to my heart (and my skin/scalp)!   Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am pretty "au naturelle"  and somewhat of a minimalist.  I have always sought out fragrance free, dye free, organic products for both professional facials and for the home care products that I recommend to maintain results of my clients. I have since become a soap maker!

 I have always had somewhat sensitive skin, but this year I began experiencing dermatitis on my scalp.  I tried many different types of shampoos, etc and it just would not clear up.  Knowing that preservatives are often the culprits in allergic reactions to cosmetic products, I began experimenting with products that are preservative free.  Any type of product formulated with water or liquid base, needs to have a preservative or else it will spoil; therefore, these products contain preservatives.  That left only solids.   My first project was a shampoo bar.  A shampoo bar is similar to a soap and really any properly formulated soap can be used as a shampoo.  I formulated a bar that has the lather that you would desire in a shampoo AND has the properties to clean and nourish the scalp MINUS the preservatives and other added chemicals.  Scented with cloves it smells wonderful!   The first week that I used it, my scalp drastically improved.  No more itching and irritation.  The only thing was that it left my skin not quite as shiny as shampoos that have all the additives.  It also needed protection on the days that I wanted to use a flat iron.  I found the perfect companion.....2/3 distilled water, 1/3 white vinegar and some essential oil (I have tried lavender, lemon and clove) in a spray mister.  This does the job beautifully.  It protects the hair and leaves it super shiny.  I spray it after I towel try a bit.  I'm sure your wondering about the smell of vinegar.  It does not linger after the hair is dry and the essential oils do help.  

This may not be for everyone, but I plan to stay preservative free.  If you are experiencing sensitivites, this may be just the thing for you.  You may also just want to live a cleaner lifestyle.  

 I finally have a use for all the organic flowers and herbs that my hubby and I are always growing on our farm!   

Soaps and Shampoo's will be in the spa soon and available for online purchase. They are totally customized to your skin conditions.  I'm so excited!!!  More about facial soaps to come next time :)

Oh and the name was inspired by this little one!!!  Who also is "blessed" with super sensitive skin and adds so much joy to our lives.

Brenda @ glo