Brenda Berndt

Brenda Berndt
esthetician and owner of glo facial spa & skin center

Friday, December 16, 2011

"All Wrapped up"

The holiday season is here!  Most of us happily over indulge and are left feeling a little toxic and ready to once again reclaim our health come January.  Body wraps are always a popular service this time of year.

You may have seen images of shivering, "mummified" women draped in plastic, stiffly walking on a treadmill trying to quickly loose a few inches. This can be one way to loose some water weight, but certainly not my idea of relaxation.  In fact for some, vigorous exercise while in a compression wrap can be dangerous.  I recall one episode of "Frasier" where Niles is similarly wrapped up and lounges on a chair after having gained entry into the prestigious gold member section of an exclusive Seattle spa....don't think he needs the inch loss.  Come with me and I'll take you on a journey that not only benefits your skin, but also your entire being.  At glo facial spa, the focus is on detoxification, hydration and relaxation.

Your body wrap treatment begins with a consultation.  This is important as each wrap is customized to your specific needs.  You may be concerned with an area of cellulite. You may have be experiencing eczema or breakouts which are common on the back area.  Type of exfoliation, body masques and wrapping techniques are each determined to give you the best results possible for your skin conditions.

Your wrap has been designed and your experience begins.  You begin fully draped on our super soft heated massage bed.  Your skin will be exfoliated with a body brush, sugar/salt scrub, or enzyme, depending on your skin type.  You may elect to include a far infared sauna session to begin the detoxification process and open up your pores.  Nature sounds wash away your cares as you begin to relax.  You will return to the heated massage table and your purifying body masque will be applied along with cellulite fighting ingredients.  Kaolin clay draws out impurities, while sea algae hydrates and infuses minerals into your skin.  You are then cocooned and wrapped in special layers that will further the detox process and hold in your body heat.  You will deeply destress as you experience a swedish and accupressure facial massage. Your scalp massage will be blissfully relaxing and stimulate hair growth using accupressure and indian head massage techniques.    Finally, a cool antioxidant eye compress is applied to reduce swelling and fluid retention in the eye area.   Your wrap will be removed with warm herbal infused towels and your skin will feel buttery soft after being massaged with a customized organic moisturizer.  You may loose a few inches, but remember it is usually water weight and no substitute for eating healthy and exercise.  It is nice for a special occasion though.  Remember the real goal is to detoxify, hydrate and relax.

Use a body wrap or series to jump start your new years resolution to get healthy!  We're usually so much more successful if we reward ourselves along the way.  You will love how you look and most of all how you feel!  I'm doing this myself, feeling wonderful and looking forward to a few days in Mexico with my daughters in January.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, God's blessings and skin health in the new year!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Preparing your skin for a beautiful airbrush tan!

Airbrush tanning is becoming a popular way to get a sunkissed look, the healthy way.  In fact, the solution used at glo facial spa contains ingredients that will firm and hydrate your skin!  Just how does it work?  A natural sugar derived from sugar cane reacts with amino acids in your skin causing oxidation and natural browning.  The best way to get the most even results is to hand apply (airbrush) the DHA solution on to skin that has been prepared to absorb it.

Skin prep -   at least 24 hours before your appointment, use a salt or sugar scrub to exfoliate or schedule a whole body exfoliation.  Wash only with a body wash that is ph balanced.  (We carry an excellent line of pre-and post tan products that are reasonably priced at glo)  If it doesn't sting your will work.  Be sure not to apply any moisturizers to your skin the day of your tan. 

Tan day - Remember, no moisturizers and only ph balanced wash!  Come wearing loose fitting dark clothing.  We will apply a bronzer with the sugar solution that may get on clothing (don't worry, it comes off in the wash)  Avoid water or sweating for at least 6 hours.  Your first shower should be with water only.  The bronzer will come off in the shower and in a few hours your natural tan will emerge.

Post Tan - Your next shower can be with ph balanced body wash, not exfoliants.  Be sure to start moisturizing your skin day and night with a good moisturizer or one with tan extendors.  Remember to wear spf if you are outside, airbrush tanning solution does not contain spf and you may burn in the sun.
Your tan will last 5-7 days and up to 10 with the tan extender...Enjoy your tan!

Monday, September 5, 2011

"In the Clear"

Ah, the changing of the seasons, it is an exciting, invigorating time no doubt. Fall is the time when we are often filled with a new vigor to clean out those closets, get organized, and get back on track and on schedule. A fresh new start…what about your skin? Some acne may have been lulled into hibernation with the summer sun, only to return with a vengeance ready to wreak havoc on your skin and your confidence. Other acne sufferers were afforded no such reprieve and truly feel that they have tried everything under that sun and still their acne persists. This article address the three T’s of acne control: Understanding Triggers, Knowing Treatment options, Teamwork the key to success. When all these are implemented, you can be on the path to clear skin once and for all!

Understanding acne TRIGGERS – Acne is a disease that has no known cure at this time. It is believed to be hereditary. Acne lesions begin with hyperkeratosis. This is simply when, for some unknown reason, keratin loaded skin cells increase at an abnormally rapid rate in a follicle. These dead skin cells clump together. In a normal follicle the hair acts as a wick to get the oil that is produces by the sebaceous glands to the surface. When a follicle is compacted with these dead skin cells, combined with bacteria and oil, the oil flow to the skin is reduced and an acne lesion begins to form. The baby lesion or microcomedone can take different paths and develop into either a non- inflamed or inflamed acne lesion. Known acne triggers include stress, hormones, excessive iodine, androgen based birth control, pore clogging ingredients in skin care, even fabric softener that we use in our dryer and more. The hormone testosterone is increased when we are under stress or taking some forms of birth control. Testosterone stimulates our sebaceous glands, producing more sebum or oil which further crowds the follicle already crowded with extra layers of skin.

Know Your TREATMENT Options –An esthetician who specializes in acne treatment is your best defense. Knowing which type of acne you have is important as non- inflamed and inflamed acne are treated differently. In cases where there is a combination, the inflamed acne is controlled first and then the non -inflamed lesions are treated. The best ingredients for topical treatments are: alpha and beta hydroxy acids such as mandelic, glycolic acids, salicylic acid, retinoids and oxygenating ingredient to exfoliate the follicle and kill bacteria on the surface of the skin. Ingredients that will fade dark spots (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) from acne lesions are also important. Skin treatments with an acne specialist will speed up clearing of your skin. Professional extractions and peels combined with calming and hydrating ingredients and technology to keep your skin’s lipid barrier healthy are important to ensure your overall results and work synergistically with your homecare.

TEAMWORK, Your Key to Success - Let’s face it, you can have all the best information or tools but if you don’t know how to use it, it’s not going to work. That about sums up the frustration so many feel about past acne treatments. The true key to success is to find an acne specialist who will take the time to determine your type of acne, acne triggers in your life, and develop a game plan for you. An acne specialist will track your progress and change your homecare as your skin adapts to the ingredients, because it can. Acne treatment ingredients should be started slowly with an overall plan in mind. A good esthetician who specializes in acne treatment will take photos and track your progress along the way.  The end result is to not only get clear, but to stay clear!

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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hi!  My name  is Brenda Berndt, esthetician, permanent cosmetic technician and owner of glo facial spa & skin center.  I am so excited to share this portion of our website with you. 

 I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do what I absolutely love - helping people.  That may be in the form of helping you clear acne...even after years of trying, or helping you put some more hours in your day with no fuss natural looking permanent cosmetics, or providing a much needed escape from the pressures of daily life with a blissfully relaxing, massage laden facial.

I am also an educator.  I taught student taught esthetics at Midwest College of Cosmetology  then Paul Mitchell the School Normal, and later opened my own business.  It was thrilling to teach the love of skincare.   Another definition of a teacher is a life long learner.  Skin health is constantly evolving and I love finding even better ways to deliver skin heath.    The purpose of this blog is to share that with share the glo!