Brenda Berndt

Brenda Berndt
esthetician and owner of glo facial spa & skin center

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Preparing your skin for a beautiful airbrush tan!

Airbrush tanning is becoming a popular way to get a sunkissed look, the healthy way.  In fact, the solution used at glo facial spa contains ingredients that will firm and hydrate your skin!  Just how does it work?  A natural sugar derived from sugar cane reacts with amino acids in your skin causing oxidation and natural browning.  The best way to get the most even results is to hand apply (airbrush) the DHA solution on to skin that has been prepared to absorb it.

Skin prep -   at least 24 hours before your appointment, use a salt or sugar scrub to exfoliate or schedule a whole body exfoliation.  Wash only with a body wash that is ph balanced.  (We carry an excellent line of pre-and post tan products that are reasonably priced at glo)  If it doesn't sting your will work.  Be sure not to apply any moisturizers to your skin the day of your tan. 

Tan day - Remember, no moisturizers and only ph balanced wash!  Come wearing loose fitting dark clothing.  We will apply a bronzer with the sugar solution that may get on clothing (don't worry, it comes off in the wash)  Avoid water or sweating for at least 6 hours.  Your first shower should be with water only.  The bronzer will come off in the shower and in a few hours your natural tan will emerge.

Post Tan - Your next shower can be with ph balanced body wash, not exfoliants.  Be sure to start moisturizing your skin day and night with a good moisturizer or one with tan extendors.  Remember to wear spf if you are outside, airbrush tanning solution does not contain spf and you may burn in the sun.
Your tan will last 5-7 days and up to 10 with the tan extender...Enjoy your tan!